Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Our Education Speciality Pathway is a ministry of MissionNext for:

  • Christian schools (non-USA/Canadian) that are looking for teachers and educational support personnel.
  • Christian agencies that desire to help recruit for affiliated Education schools to keep them affordable for their students.
  • Christian agencies that have Non-Traditional school personnel needs and wish to find educators for their positions.

We connect God’s people willing to serve with overseas schools looking for those that are qualifed.

Our service is completely free for teachers and support personnel and very inexpensive for schools.  Connect with us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn to be encouraged by others along your journey.

The MissionNext Team


I want to learn how to use this website to match my Educational training, gifts and skills with school jobs suited to me.


I want to learn how to use the Education Pathway to find
Educators matching posted positions with our school.


I want to learn how I can affiliate with schools to help them find the staff they need in order to lower the cost of education for our families.

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See our Education Partner Schools and Jobs!

Who are our Education Partner Schools?

MissionNext partners with Christian Schools overseas and around the world to offer Educators options for getting engaged and offering their best to the Lord. Our partner Schools are seeking people to serve in education now!


What Education Jobs are available?

Click the link to view listing of jobs of our Education partner schools. Note: You must be logged in to view the details of each job and to correspond directly to the appropriate contact person within the organization.

If you want to investigate any of these positions, click here to sign-up and submit your Personal Profile.


Who are our Education Affiliated Agencies?

Our Education Pathway affiliated agencies partner with our partner Christian Schools to assist these schools to recruit and process the educators they need.


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 Connect with us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn to be encouraged by others along your journey.

Follow God’s direction – We’ll help you get there.


How can I get connected with opportunities in schools abroad?

MissionNext helps you connect with overseas schools to find educational assignments abroad. Sign up to fill out a personal profile to receive a list of schools with opportunities matching your skills and interests.