I want to learn more about the Education Pathway!

I want to learn more about the Education Pathway!


History of Education

Education, formerly Mission:TEACH, was launched in 2007 with the collaboration of MissionNext, Wycliffe Bible Translators, and the Association of Christian Schools International.  Nelson Malwitz, founder of Finishers Project, now MissionNext, initiated Mission:TEACH in order to connect qualified Christian educators with opportunities in international Christian schools outside the US and Canada. Each of these three organizations contributed their own unique expertise and experience to accomplish the task.  Our hope is that the new Education Pathway will continue to help meet the educational needs of full-time Christian workers and effectively prepare students for life!

Education is now a Pathway of MissionNext. The MissionNext team brought the expertise and experience needed to design and implement the capability to connect and match educators to the needs of Christian schools located outside the U.S. and Canada. Wycliffe Bible Translators, with its expertise and experience as a mission agency that recruits and deploys missionary educators, partnered with MissionNext to make Education what it is today.

How This Works

COMPLETE: You begin by signing up and completing a Profile. The website will then match your skills, abilities, and preferences with all of the schools and school jobs.

SEARCH: Search your matches for Schools and School Jobs to see what opportunities are available.

GET: Get help from our Journey Guides to assist you by answering questions you may have along the way. Helping you to seek God’s best for you as you continue on your journey.

DECIDE: Decide on the best fit consistent with God’s leading in your life. You will have begun a journey of a lifetime that will bring dividends far more than you could have ever imagined!

Am I Ready?

Like a missionary, are you ready to teach internationally?

Assess your “mission-mindedness.” View your Qualified Candidate Score!

MissionNext provides resources to help you along your journey.

What you do as an Educator

Our Education Pathway matches your interests and preferences with international opportunities in Christian education. In order for us to do that, you must share some personal information. Be sure to read our Privacy Statement.

Some of the information requested in our Candidate Profile will be required and some will be optional. That will be indicated on the Profile after you sign up.   Schools will need to know how to contact you, and what your training, experience, and interests are.

In many cases, you will need to apply to both a sending agency and a school. (Going out with a sending agency allows the school to keep tuition low.)  This means you need to be accepted by both. Once you have found a potential match and inquired about a position, both the sending agency and the school will contact you directly.

At this point, Education has done its job, and you will deal directly with the sending agency and school until you have completed the application process. If you accept a position with one of our partner schools, please complete our Contact Form and select “Inactivate or Delete My Profile Data” using the drop-down “What do you want to do?” to have your name removed from the database so others do not contact you. If at any point during the application process you decide the agency and/or school you are working with really aren’t a match, you can always come back to our Education Pathway to explore other options.

The needs are great! It is expected that you will use this service in good faith. There is no cost to you, the educator, and you can stop the process at any time by completing our Contact Form and selecting “Inactive or Delete My Profile Data.”

We encourage you to pray and seek God’s direction for your life! May God make His will and plan clear to you. When the Lord provides direction, you can be sure that He will provide all your needs according to His riches in heaven!

What we do for You

Our Education Pathway brings together Christian schools outside the U.S. and Canada and mission agencies on one site so that educators and support personnel can review their options in one place.

In addition to teachers, these schools are fervently looking for experienced administrators and support personnel. It is for this reason that Education includes positions for administrators and school support personnel such as guidance counselors, librarians, nurses, and boarding home parents.

Completing a Profile allows you to post your résumé, provide background information, communicate your preferences, and preview and apply for positions that fit your training, experience, and interests.  You will have the ability to narrow the scope of your search by:

  • Geographical location
  • Time commitment
  • Positions that fit your unique talents and gifts
  • Positions that align with your interests and passions

The information you provide about yourself and your spouse, if married, will be viewed by our partner schools and agencies.  Links are provided to direct you to a particular school or sending agency’s website to assess whether or not their mission and vision align with yours. If they do, contact them today!

This service is free of charge so that everyone has the opportunity to use their training and gifting to serve God internationally. 

Our Commitment

Our MissionNext is committed to helping you investigate new career opportunities without fear of pressure or sales tactics.  The information you provide on our Education Pathway will only be shared with schools and sending agencies we have partnered with.  Your information will not be sold or shared with any other person or group.  Our prayer is that this commitment will help you feel free to start the process of investigating a significant opportunity in education.  It could be the most exciting journey of your life!

Not from the US or Canada?

Some of our partner schools hire teachers from outside the US or Canada, but others cannot. Be sure to check each school’s profile to determine whether or not they can employ you.

Traditional and Non-Traditional Schools

Traditional and Non-Traditional Schools

Non-Traditional Programs (see Video)
There are several non-traditional types of educational settings:

  • Itinerant teaching situations: In this situation, a teacher frequently works alone. He or she travels between families or education co-ops to direct the education of the students.  This teaching situation requires a teacher with a great degree of cross-cultural experience and willingness to do more with less.
  • Resource centers: This situation usually includes a library and some curriculum or teaching aids to help families when they visit the main city or center. Teachers at a resource center generally stay in one place but must be ready to help students in all grade levels.
  • One-room schools: These schools are multi-graded and meet in one class with one teacher.  Sometimes there are two or three teachers teaching multi-grade classes. Normally the classes are quite small.
  • Tutor: Families often need a tutor, especially when they are homeschooling their children, so they can devote themselves to their work.

Traditional Schools
There are primarily two types of traditional schools associated with the Education Pathway.  Day schools and boarding schools serve the children of full-time Christian workers and other expatriates residing in the host country.

  • Day schools – Day schools serve students who live at home and commute daily.
  • Boarding Schools – Boarding schools serve students where many of them are sent by their parents to board at the school. The school calendar is usually adjusted to allow time for students to visit their parents several times during the school year.

Start the journey today.

A decorative Arrow-Orange in a Gray outlined box of Solid-White Pointing right.Educators-Sign up to complete a Profile with Education – Education connects God’s people with educational opportunities outside the U.S. and Canada.  Believers looking for positions in education give us information about their experience and qualifications, and our school partners recruit for their positions with that information.

Start with Education

How can I get connected with opportunities in schools abroad?

Our Education Pathway helps you connect with our partner schools to find educational assignments abroad. Complete a Profile to receive a list of schools with opportunities matching your skills and interests.

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