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MissionNext Education exists to help Christian educators find opportunities to serve in Christian schools outside the U.S. and Canada.  There is no cost to the Individual.

Additionally, we are dedicated to helping Christian schools find the qualified personnel they need which will allow them to provide the best possible education for students in their location.

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"Diane has accepted the position of Director for Carachipampa Christian School. We have prayed for three years for the right person to fill this position and are very excited about having her come to be part of our school! We are grateful to MissionNext for all the work you do to help us find quality educators! "

Timara A

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I want to learn how I can use this website to match my experience, gifts, and skills with opportunities to serve in a Christian School outside the U.S. and Canada.


I want to learn how to use this website to find people who match my school’s job openings and will be a good fit for our school.


I want to learn how my mission Agency can use this website to affiliate with our schools and help find staff suitable for their open positions.
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