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Connecting God's People with Opportunities to Serve the Lord Among the Nations!

Welcome To MissionNext Education!

MissionNext Education is all about connecting people who wish to serve at a school outside the U.S. and Canada with Christian schools that need their skills and experience – all for His glory!

Over the years, we have successfully connected thousands of individuals with Christian schools outside the U.S. and Canada through our unique web-matching capability. There are needs for teachers, tutors, administrators, accountants, counselors, maintenance personnel, nurses – all the positions a school typically needs.

Find Positions Uniquely suited to you

Complete a personal profile to get connected with Schools and view positions that would be a good fit for you based on your profile criteria. Our services are available at no cost to individuals. Whatever your skills, you can be used.

Your next opportunity could be closer than you think. Find out!

How this Works!

Register Online and Complete your Personal Profile.

View a List of Schools that Match your Profile Criteria.

View Positions that are a Good Fit for you Based on your Profile Preferences.

Start the Conversation! Contact Information is Provided for all Schools and Positions that Match your Profile.

Access Helpful Resources and
Receive Personalized Service From our Journey Guides.

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